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Leonardo Da Vinci 1


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“What can you say about a girl that died at 25??? that she was beautiful? Or she loved me?…”
an approximate quotation from ‘Love Story”, thou know.
It’s always so hard to talk about somebody, especially about yourself.

my son paul and chelsea

my son paul and chelsea

I’ve little to say about me.
I’m Dan Mhalache and I’m architect in Jassy (Iaşi), Romania.
I’m 54 and I have a son, master in philosophy and – if we can say a writer to sombody for writing a book – well, he’s a writer; but the second will appear soon: short stories.
I think I could say more about junior than about me. However, let’s try.
I speak English and French. I read the original af the books when I can because Robert Browning said: when I write, only I and God know what I’m writing; when I come to an end, only God knoes. So, even I have 40-50 translations published (or exatly for this), I elect the original.
I started with this site, united architects (http://dannmihalache.wordpress.com), but – as it is a professional one, I created a linked site, uunited architects art (https://literatureart.wordpress.com).
I like architecture, first, literature, music (Pink floyd are my favourits), history, animals (I’ve two cats), children, the mountains and many other thihgs, but most I like my jonior. You can see his photo on my sites and soon you’ll can read some of his stuff.
Well, when I’ll remind something I forgot I’ll add.
Hear from you,

Please contact the autor for suggestionsor further informations: dannmihalache@gmail.com.
Leonardo Da Vinci 1


***Table of Content united architects
* Table of Content all Sites


architecture, literature, essays, philosophy, biographies

►→ united architects;
►→ united architects – legislaţie;
►→ united architects – legislaţie 2;
►→ united architects – legislaţie 3;
►→ united architects – legislaţie 4;
►→ united architects – essays;
►→ united architects – writings;
►→ united architects – biographies;
►→ united arhitects – great architects;
►→ united architects – poetry;
►→ united architects – art;
►→ united architects – essays, philosophy;

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  1. Mr WordPress said,

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

    • danmihalache said,

      Hi to you, Mr WordPress. I keep Your comment on all my sites.

  2. gryphonscry said,

    Hi Dan, Thanks for linking me here. I will return the favor.

    Dan, could you do me a favor and name the link the same as my blog site name “Gryphon’s Aerie” and not my username. Thanks.

  3. gryphonscry said,

    I now have both your sites linked in my “Word Press Blogs I Like” blogroll.

  4. MiL said,

    Hi! How are you?
    I’ve been with a lot of work of college, studing for some exams. Now I’ve a bit of time, ’cause of the h1n1 influeza virus, the university stop working until august. All the people (me included) are preocupated, ’cause there’re so many infected people, and a lot die by the pulmonary complications.
    I like so much the new looking of the page, it looks more serious and minimalist =)
    Wish you’re ok, and I’ll be waiting for some new news.

    • danmihalache said,

      Hi, Mil.
      First of all I hope you’re well; it’s awful that such thinks happen: pestilences, blast, wars, earthquake, famishment, drugs…
      I’m enchanted you like my sites; if you by chance have a bit of time, you can see my essays site (I worked some time at it).
      You know I like your style, pity we’ve so few time.
      See you,

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